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Why do high-end "out-of-the-box" ad serving systems cost $20,000 to $40,000, plus monthly support fees?

If you've had the experience of scaling an in-house system to meet the ever increasing needs of a high traffic site, you probably know. High capacity ad serving systems require far more resources than static web servers, as they must make a large number of database transactions for every single page view. Lower end databases are not equipped to handle requests from hundreds of users per second. High-end databases can cost tens of thousands of dollars and require equally expensive hardware to run on.

Outsourcing ad serving is the perfect solution for publishers that do not want to make the enormous cash outlay, only to get a box that requires hours of staff time, on an ongoing basis, to maintain, customize, troubleshoot, and upgrade.

Each AdManage™ system is designed to run in a multi-server environment, consisting of one to five NT servers handling the front end web service and a enterprise grade, multiprocessor back-end database server running SQL Server 7. This configuration can be scaled well past 10 million impressions per day, standing-alone, and essentially unlimited scaling is possible by adding modules.

Proprietary Software
With over two years in development, AdManage™ has not only overcome countless hurdles associated with capacity, scaling, speed, and reliability, but also risen to the forefront of the industry in features and capabilities.

The first to offer several rich-media serving formats, targeting options, and other features, AdManage™ will continue to be developed by our staff to remain on the leading edge of available ad serving technology.

Often overlooked by programmers of other systems, ease-of-use was a top priority in the design of AdManage™. With very little documentation or training, the average traffic manager can easily set up and launch campaigns, issue insertion orders, manage creative, monitor system activity, and generate detailed reports.

To acheive the highest possible availability, speed, and connection redundancy, all AdManage servers are located at AboveNet, Inc.. AboveNet maintains 24/7 monitored facilities in San Jose, CA and Vienna VA. With triple redundant direct backbone connections, controlled evironments, unlimited back-up power, and excesses of on-demand bandwidth, AboveNet is home to many of the Net's most popular destinations and portals.

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