interactive ad management solutions

Features At A Glance
Ad Serving
High speed, high availability
Rich media enabled
All creative sizes supported
Dynamic ALT text and text under banner
Virtually unlimited capacity
Defeat ad-blocking software
Ad Targeting
Target campaigns globally or target each creative to different areas.
Content channels
Site sections
Page and placement locations
Time of day
Operating system
Ad Trafficking
Weight rotation of selected campaigns
Set automatic time-out dates and traffic limits
Activate, suspend, adjust campaigns in real time
Separate weighting, targeting, and trafficking for each creative
Use unlimited number of creative
Run and track multiple creative types and sizes simultaneously
Upload and flight new creative remotely in real time
Lock selected creative to any placement location
Rotate multiple creative through any placement location
Easily forecast inventory availability
Allow advertisers access to web based creative management
Admin Reports
Traffic snapshot
List advertisers
System summary
Geographic origin
Client activity
   Publisher Reports
Traffic Summary by date
Advertiser performance
Traffic by placement location
Placement summary
   Advertiser Reports
Traffic by creative
Traffic by channel
Traffic by placement location

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